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There are a number of excellent veggie sites out there, many of which specialize in key areas. Obviously, a site's listing here doesn't mean that I agree with all the content you might find there. That said, here is a partial listing of some sites worth exploring: (This is one of my favorite overall vegan sites. There is tons of info here, including recipes, info on key veggie causes, many sub-groups steered toward certain interests, a variety of discussion groups, and it is also home to many of our top proponents of veganism, like John Robbins, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neil Barnard, etc.) (Here you will find a complete listing of all companies and charities that DO and DO NOT support animal testing. There is also a detailed listing of most every possible animal product found in common consumer goods and foods. A fantastic resource...) (Another resource to find out which companies ARE or ARE NOT animal friendly. Allows you to search by product or company.) (Here are some PSA's concerning animals from a number of familiar faces.) (Lots of great resources, across the board.) For an up-close and personal look at the factory farm industry, go here, then click on the "Meat Your Meat" streaming video toward the top of the page. This is a very succinct, yet graphic, account of what's going on out there everyday. (The "ultimate" vegan food/supplement company. They not only make the best products, but every facet of their company - from the people who run the joint to the digital printing used in all of their labels - is vegan.) (Excellent suggestions on how you can help the cause.) Contains links to dozens of other cool veggie sites on the home page. (This guy is a real asskicker. Check out Dr. Greger's site and sign up for his free monthly e-letter. Also, check out his "Atkins Exposed" site for a very thorough, very scientific dismantling of the Atkins diet.) (For anyone who STILL thinks there is any merit to the Atkins - or similar - high-protein diet, please read this site first. Dr. Greger has done his homework...) (All about veganism as it relates to pregnancy and children.) This Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine main site is dense with research, studies and a bunch of other relative references. (Cool all-around site that deals with family/child/pregnancy issues as they relate to veganism. This link is the articles page, but scope out the rest of the site, as well. John Robbins is one of the most influencial authorities in the vegan world and this is his site. Tons of fantastic info. Check out the extensive Q&A section. Long-time vegan authority Jo Stepaniak offers a variety of info on her site. Check out the Q&A section, articles, interviews and, of course, her many excellent books. - The home of Bob Linden’s long-running vegan radio show. Check out the extensive archive of past shows, which feature interviews with many experts in the field. - Home of "Eating" - A DVD/Video everyone must watch: Producer/writer Mike Anderson puts it all together in this very engaging, well-researched presentation. It is really impactful when you hear and see virtually ALL of the negatives about animal products and refined foods, and all of the benefits of the optimal plant-based diet, in about an hour. This vid is absolutely perfect for someone new to the philosophy, as well as an excellent reinforcement piece to those who have been on the path. Excellent job, Mike! (Check out the companion book, as well.) (Home of the National Anti-Vivisection Society.) (A great site, covering many facets of our often neglected, yet highly-exploited, friends of the sea.) (This organization does incredible work to fight against animal suffering...with special emphasis on some of the most atrocious forms of it. President Chris DeRose has been in the trenches of these causes for years and is the real deal. Be sure to sign up for their Action Alert e-list where they will keep you abreast of many current issues as they're going down.) (An online vegan grocer specializing in snacks and treats, with rants, raves and blogs. Fun and informal...) (Just 45 minutes from LA, we now have a farm animal sanctuary on the west coast! Animal Acres rescues and provides refuge for factory farm animals like cows, chickens and pigs. This place is run strictly on donations. So if you have a few extra bucks on a card, it would go to good use here. And if you live near LA, you can even volunteer to help any day of the week. Scope the site for details...) Erik Marcus’ site focuses on a lot of current issues and features many archived articles and news items, as well. (Looking to locate a veggie restaurant anywhere in the world? Here ya go...) (Features extensive listings of health food stores and veggie restaurants, plus other things of interest.) (Fantastic resource for many veggie-related studies. Includes meat/dairy connection to cancer, bone health, studies on veggie diet in general, and more.) Check out Linda Blair's WorldHeart Foundation. A long-time vegan herself, she does great work for various dog-related causes. (Many great foods, books and other resources relating to the raw food movement. Most everything is naturally vegan, except for a few things that might have honey or bee pollen, which I would suggest avoiding.) (Good folks in Australia, doing great work for animals. Tons of pics and causes...very informative site.) (Excellent animal friendly shopping resource.) (A hardcore vivisection photo gallery. These images are extremely disturbing...) - (The Sorvino family's non-profit organization is an adoption agency for rescued dogs, most of whom have come from puppy mills.) (West-coasters, check out this cruelty free day spa. All products and ingredients used are vegan.)

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